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Bichectomy Surgery

CE Hours: 8
Duration: One day Course
Tuition: $1495

Larry M. Gorzelnik, DMD, MD

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Course Overview

Bichectomy surgery, also known as buccal fat removal, is a cosmetic surgical procedure that involves the removal of the buccal fat pad from the cheeks. The aim of this surgery is to enhance the facial contour, resulting in a more defined and contoured face. It is a relatively simple procedure that can be performed under local anesthesia and has a short recovery time.

This one-day course is designed to provide participants with a comprehensive overview of bichectomy surgery. The course will consist of lectures and a surgical demonstration. The course is suitable for anyone who wishes to expand their knowledge and skills in bichectomy surgery.

Course Topics:

Introduction to Bichectomy Surgery: This session will provide an overview of the history and development of bichectomy surgery, as well as its indications and contraindications.

Anatomy of the Buccal Fat Pad: This session will cover the anatomy of the buccal fat pad, including its location, size, and function. Participants will learn how to identify and dissect the buccal fat pad during surgery.

Patient Selection and Preparation: This session will cover the important aspects of patient selection and preparation for bichectomy surgery, including the pre-operative assessment, informed consent, and pre-operative instructions.

Surgical Techniques and Instrumentation: This session will cover the various surgical techniques used in bichectomy surgery, including the intraoral and extraoral approaches. Participants will also learn about the different types of surgical instruments used in this procedure.

Postoperative Care and Complications: This session will cover the postoperative care of the patient, including pain management, wound care, and follow-up appointments. Participants will also learn about the possible complications associated with bichectomy surgery and how to manage them.

Live Surgical Demonstration: The live surgical demonstration will provide participants with a hands-on experience of bichectomy surgery. The course instructors will perform the surgery and explain each step of the procedure in detail.

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